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Problem Solving

Do you want to know tools to identify and solve problems that arise from life stressors, both big and small incidents ?


Do you want to see the positive side of a relationship ?


Are you stucked in your business Do you want solution towards the success?

Personal Growth

Do You want to achieve your goals in your life?

Leadership Skills

Do you have difficulty speaking in public or expressing your opinion?

Self Awareness

Do you want to know how to make your life happier and more satisfying?

Guidance & Counselling in Early Childhood and School Education

Counselling in study from early childhood, usually from 3 years, up to the higher education institution level includes a broad range of services to support the effectiveness of childrenʼs and students education.

Sound Healing Treatment/Therapy

Sound Therapy is viable in accomplishing a condition of unwinding & method of traveling through blockages in the body. Sound Therapy has been referred to help treat such conditions as pressure, nervousness, hypertension, rest problems. It includes the sound waves & harmonic vibrations to the body through the use of instruments and human voice.

Planning A Family | Garbh Sanskar | Garbh Samvad

Garbh Samvad is the process where you can interact with the baby in the womb. Programming of Fetal brain for the bright future of your baby and many more. Prepare in advance for best results. Get consultation from expert from Om training and consultancy over food, exercise, pranayam, meditation and more. We have 10+ years of Experience.


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