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Certification Course in Counseling - By Rahul Sir

  1. Career Counsellor
  2. Educational Counsellor
  3. Academic Counsellor
  4. Mental Health Counsellor
  5. Relationship & Marriage Counsellor
  6. Health Counsellor
  7. Rehabilitation Counsellor
  8. Child Counsellor
  9. Divorce Counsellor
  10. Depression, Stress Anxiety Counsellor

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Get practical experience and build your career in counselling  by Rahul Sir, He is Expert in this field and have so many experiences/cases with him from last 13+ Years.

Child Counselling Fees

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Couselling Counselling

1499 /-

7999 /-

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Rahul Sir

About Rahul Sir


Architecture Draftsman 


Train The Trainer level-1 NLP Practitional level-3 
EFT 10 Years practitional 
Paramparik patrika & krushna murti patrika 4 years
Conscious sub-conscious programming
Vipashchana (Alandi)
Singing bowls therapy 
Om training & counselling:
Conscious sub-conscious mind programming
Child development
Money secrets

  • Experience in knowledgeable and skilled in handling counselling sessions of clients and candidates in a corporate setup.
  • Conducted and managed Behavioral and Problem Solving trainings and workshops.
  • Conducted many psychometric assessments
  • He has a rich experience of over ten years in dealing with adolescent age
  • With a flair for research, he has a couple of research papers to his credit.

Who can become a Counsellor ?

  1. To become a counsellor, you must:

    • Be willing to understand the human needs and perspectives, identify psychopathology, and evaluate concerns/ problems the clients come up with. Clients could be students, young professionals, or individuals having emotional problems, etc.
    • Integrate the core skills of counselling which are: genuineness and empathy.
    • Apply and practice the basic counselling skills of observation, active listening, proper questioning, reflecting feeling and thought, using silence whenever necessary, and much more into the counselling process.
    • Make necessary therapeutic and developmental interventions as and when necessary.
    • Balance and maintain an ethical code of conduct within the constraints of counselling relationships.


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